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Mounted Wave Corbel Mantels
Mounted Wave Corbel Mantel Corbels project from walls to support upper ceilings or beams. Corbels can actually bear weight or can be non-supporting and be used simply to add anther architectural feature to a building.  Throughout the ages, corbels have been decorated with angels, animals, or foliage.  Today’s corbels are available in both classical and modern designs.

Wave corbels are very popular.  Many people enjoy the smell of salt air while watching the sun’s rays flashing on the crest of a wave just before the wave crashes onto a sandy beach.  The rhythmic sets of waves ebbing and flowing onto sand are soothing reminders of the eternity of the seas.  Wave corbels commemorate the beauty of the ocean and waves.

Wave corbels are made from wood and are available in two sizes, medium and large.  Medium wave corbels are 4-1/2” wide by 3-1/2” deep, and 9-3/4” tall.  Large wave corbels are 4-3/4” wide by 5” deep by 14” high.  The choice in sizes allows you to use this stylish corbel throughout your home. 

Wave corbels can bring a subtle reminder of the elegance of waves and the ocean into your home.

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