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Mounted Shell Corbel Mantels
Shell Corbel mounted  Mantel Carved wooden corbels are an elegant addition to any room, regardless of their location.  They are available in a variety of designs, many of which are drawn from architectural styles of past generations and even past civilizations.  Grape clusters, oak leaf clusters and acanthus leaves are among the available choices.  One of the perennial favorites is the shell corbel, a suitable choice for any home or interior remodel that is nautically oriented.  Wooden corbels can be either stained or painted.  All of them are produced in hardwood, which makes stain a good choice when they are used in conjunction with a fireplace mantel or shelving.

Shell corbels essentially use a scalloped shell as the centerpiece of the carving.  The sides of a shell corbel may not involve shells at all, but may instead be decorated with wide scrolling at the top and smaller scrolling at the bottom.  In between there is usually carved curvatures that create a broad filigree effect.
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