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Mounted Acunthus Corbel Mantels
Pilaster Acanthus mounted corbel mantels Corbels are used like brackets to support overhead weights such as fireplace mantelpieces and shelving.  Corbels are also used for purely decorative purposes.  One very popular style is the pilaster acanthus corbel.

Pilaster acanthus corbels combine two different motifs to create a very unusual corbel style. Pilasters, like columns, are built to support overhead weights such as arches and beams. Unlike columns, pilasters are generally not free-standing.  They are usually built into walls, giving them a “thinner” appearance than columns.  Stylized acanthus leaves are traditional decorations that have been used to adorn architecture since the times of the ancient Greeks. Pilaster acanthus corbels are truly attractive.

Pilaster acanthus corbels are made from wood.  Wood, as a building material, is very hard to beat.  Wood has a texture that is inviting to touch.  Wood also has a delightful appearance, particularly when stained. Pilaster acanthus corbels are available in several sizes, from extra small to jumbo, for your convenience.  This will allow you to easily use pilaster acanthus corbels throughout your room or your home for a uniform, polished appearance. If you are looking for corbels, look no further than pilaster acanthus corbels.  You will be glad that you did.

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