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Mounted Acanthus Leaf Corbel Matel
Fire Mounted Corbel

Corbels are used as supports for arches, ceilings, and shelving.  Since corbels are also decorative, they do not always support weight and can be used to accent other architectural features.  When looking for corbels, make sure that you see acanthus leaf corbels. 

Using acanthus leaves for decoration dates back to ancient Greece. Stylized acanthus leaves were used to adorn the capitals of Corinthian columns.  This ancient decorative motif has been used throughout the ages for its classical beauty and roots.

There are several sizes of acanthus leaf corbels from which to choose so that you can carry this decoration style throughout your home.  The variety of sizes also means that you can pick acanthus leaf corbels that will not overwhelm your bar or fireplace mantel. 

Acanthus leaf corbels can bring an elegant look into your home.  They can be the finishing touch that brings all of your interior design décor together.  For classical elegance, look no further than acanthus leaf corbels.

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