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Fascial Fireplace Mantel

Sitting by a crackling fire and sipping hot cocoa on a winter’s night, has been a pastime for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Fireplaces are now a common staple in America and the world’s homes. What better way to enjoy not only the fire, but a display shelf of mementos on a shelf above.

Fireplace mantels, which are projecting hoods that were built over a fireplace to catch the smoke, have been around since the 5th century and were quite large in stature; fireplace mantels were built mainly of oak and extended the whole width of the room, making it the most elaborate room in the house.

There are many wood fireplace mantels, made out of Lindenwood, a light, soft tan-like wood. The Floral Swag mantel, with Urn Surround, is hand-carved, with exceptional attention to detail and is carved in Lindenwood, as are all the fireplace mantels, and are ready to take home and paint or stain; the Fluting with Bellflower Drops Full Surround and the Shell with Country Flowers Full Surround.

Regarding the fascias alone, there’s the Center with Rosettes shelf; the Embraced Palmette shelf, the Rinceau Scrolls with Floral Basket Surround, with fine embellished detail and the Urn with Fluting.

Now, in modern times, fireplaces are smaller and not quite as embellished, as more methods of heating have become available, but people still love them for placing pictures or trinkets, as a focal point for the room.

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